Folk Song

Folk Songs:
Singing is one of the most popular and cherished obsessions and leisure pursuits of Tibetan people. The institute provides comprehensive lessons on folk songs. The main emphasis is on vocal training, pitch and melody. Every event in life is represented by different variety of songs and musical offerings.  150226100236487These include folk songs from the three provinces of Tibet, drinking songs, harvest songs, marriage songs, welcome songs and ceremonial songs.

Both basic and advance courses in instruments lessons are provided at the institute. These would includes the basic notation lesson and actual rendition of the instruments. The lesson would include basic and advance courses.

Classes on folk songs include :

  • Nagma Toeshay : classical Tibetan songs from central Tibet.
  • Lhu : sonorous mountain songs normally sung by nomads
  • Folk songs (Ceremonial) : harvest songs, marriage songs, welcome songs.