Originally there are nine different stories which were adapted into Ache Lhamo performances, each exclusively staged by respective troupes. The Kyormulung troupe would only perform stories such as Sukyi Nyima, Pema Woebar and Drowa Sangmo. Gyalkara with their monastic background perform only Prince Norsang as their core performance. The Chungpa troupe performs only the story Drimed Kunden. Then there is troupe from the Menru Monastery who perform only Dhepa Tenpa in the Menru Ponsong tradition.

However, the artistes of the Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts are trained and given lessons covering all stories and styles. Up until now, under the tutelage of numerous Ache Lhamo experts like the late Norbu Tsering (Alias Laba), the late Chakdam Ugen, Chungpa Phunrab Dorjee Gyalpo, Ven.Sherap Jungney, Dhodrak Pendpa Dhondup and the late Lopon Thupten Phuntsok trained artistes in various style and stories. Following is the key operatic repertoire performed by the artistes of the institute along with a short summery of the plot.

Traditional Stories :
Drowa Sangmo Sukyi Nyima Pema Woebar
Dhepa Dhenpa Chungpo Dhonyoe Dhondup Gyalsa Belsa
Nangsa Woebum Drimey Kunden Choegyal Norsang

Repetoires adapted by the TIPA:
Toenpa Zenam Milarepa
Gyalwa Ngapa Thangthong Gyalpo