Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts has organized a two-day workshop on ‘public speaking’ with support from USAID. The session will be conducted by theatre artist and director Niranjini Iyer and Tibetan writer and activist, Tenzin Tsundue. The objective for conducting the workshop is to build confidence and knowledge on public speaking, communication, content development and understanding the theatre techniques and audience for our artiste, trainees and instructor. The workshop session began this morning with an introductory ceremony by our Director and secretary following an introduction by the artiste, trainees and music instructors. The speaker has laid out various relative activities and teachings on these areas of topic scheduled from 9:00 a.m to 4:30 p.m for the two-day (19th and 20th April) workshop. 




A brief biography of the speakers:


Tenzin Tsundue

Born to a Tibetan refugee family labouring on India’s border roads in Himachal in the early ’70s, Tenzin Tsundue is a writer and activist. Author of four books, Tsundue is the winner of the first Outlook-Picador Award for Non-Fiction for his essay “My Kind of Exile” in 2001.

Tsundue conducts extensive speaking tours of Indian universities, speaking to lakhs of college students every year. Telling stories, reading poetry and talking Tibet Tsundue has lectured all across India and twenty other countries. In his capacity, he often represents the cause of his national movement in India and international news media in English, Hindi and Tibetan.


Niranjini Iyer

Artistic director of The Pocket Company, Niranjani Iyer directs, choreographs, acts and teaches while living and working between India and France. Having studied at the Sorbonne University, Ecole Jacques Lecoq, Paris and trained with Ariane Mnouchkine of the Theatre du Soleil and Yoshi Oida ain j for over 20 years now based on her own experience of movement and physical theatre.

For the past 6 years her energies have been devoted to creating and running an annual community theatre festival and year-long theatre training program in the Himachal mountains; d.r.i.f.t – Dharamshala International & Residential Festival for Theatre as a way of bringing people from various communities together through theatre.

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