Shoton Festival 

Shoton Festival in Tibetan means the “Yoghurt Festival” is an ancient traditional Tibetan Ache Lhamo Festival or opera Festival. The festival originally take place at Drepung Monastery and in Norbulinka, the summer palace of His Holiness the Dalai Lama. During the festival top opera troupes from various part of Tibet were invited to take part.

Reviving this ancient festival in exile, in 1993 for the first time Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts invited regional opera troupes from 4 different Tibetan settlements to take part. Over the years the festival has grown in both scale and stature. The annual Shoton Festival is now celebrated for 10 days with numerous opera troupes from different Tibetan settlements in India and Nepal taking part. As customary, His Holiness the Dalai Lama blesses the festival during the opening ceremony and spend day watching the premeiere presentation by the each participating troupes. This year mark the 20th Shoton Festival, which saw twelve different opera troupes from India and Nepal taking part in it.

The festival is normally scheduled at the end of the Tibetan Lunar New Year (15th Day), which correspond to end of February to March end. For detail date of festival, one can contact the office at tibetanarts2012@gmail.com.

Annual Yarkyi Musical Competition 

Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts was founded on 11th August 1959, four months after coming into exile. Every year the founding anniversary is celebrated with grand “Yarkyi Musical Competition” among the artistes of the institute.

All the artistes are divided into two competing groups “Gyalu” and “Ngonpa”, titled inspired by characters from Tibetan opera. Each group is assigned to research two folk dances, composed one solo and one group song. On the founding anniversary, the actual competition is held in front of dignitaries from Central Tibetan Administration and guest of institute. The competition is judged by competent expert drawn from various field. The whole musical program is later performed live for general audiences and is also made available through DVD. 

For detail date of upcoming Yarkyi Musical competition, you can contact office.