Open-Air Stage

For students, the open-air theatre is a focal point where a variety of activities are held. The open-air theatre has also hosted a prominent celebrity and the main attraction for the filming of movies and video songs.

To prepare for the increasing global challenges, the college has been constantly adopting creative teaching, learning, and assessment strategies. As a result, the “third theater mode” has been introduced as an important teaching method that aims to make literary studies more energizing and interactive. The primary purpose of the “third theater mode” is to take students beyond the confines of traditional classroom instruction.

It ensures closer proximity to the students, making it easier for them to comprehend literary texts. As a result, the college built a large open-air stage where students frequently perform dramatic enactments of seminal literary texts.

The open-air stage is not only a remarkable piece of architecture, but it also promotes student participation by requiring them to play specific characters with zeal.


  • A 25,000-square-foot open-air theater with a stage.
  • The venue has a seating capacity of 3,000 people and is suitable for social, religious, recreational, and public gatherings.
  • Two green rooms and a 2,000 square foot stage
  • On level, there are two additional rooms.
  • The sound system has a separate control space.
  • Self-catering service with a pantry; The choice is yours.
  • Car and two-wheeler parking is available for free.

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