Our institute harbours around 70 to 80 students, enabling them to acquire the required skills. The promotion and preservation of Tibetan culture is of utmost importance and therefore the institute strives to work together towards the goal. We are thriving as a refugee in exile with the responsibility to sustain our unique culture and are determined to continue to toil for our vision.

We are utterly grateful for the support we have been receiving in the past years. As it is an undeniable fact that without the generosity of our sponsors, the implementation of our programmes would be impossible. Every year, the key highlights of our events are Yarkyi and Shoton festivals. The cost for Yangkyi festival includes research, foods, refreshment, travel, costumes and production. On the other hand, 12 opera troupes from various Tibetan settlement visits every year to perform opera on Shoton festival for a three-week long festival. Their expenses include food, accommodation, travel and miscellaneous and we are dependent on our sponsors as the students and the organisation cannot afford the huge sum of amount for festivals.

Furthermore, owing to the current circumstances of covid-19, the situation in our campus has been worrisome. Therefore, we would like to urge our sponsors and friends to help us in this grim situation by donating to our institute. You can also help us by sponsoring the expenses of an artiste and trainees which will have a meaningful impact on their academic years. We will be genuinely grateful for your contribution and your act of kindness shall be deeply valued.

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