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TIPA aims towards preserving the culture of Tibet through musical and dance performances. But that’s not just limited to the Institute. TIPA also organizes domestic and international tours to spread knowledge about the history and culture of Tibet.

The Type of Performances

The performance consists of traditional folk dances from Tibet’s three provinces of Dotoe, Domed, and Utsang. You will see the rich and ancient culture, the heroes, the legends, the saints being brought to life by the artists. The attire, performance, music, backdrops, and videos are bound to leave an astounding impact and upscale on your understanding of the culture of Tibet.

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The Duration of the Show

Talking about the duration of the show, it lasts for about 2 hours with intermission breaks in between. Within this period, you will not only see dances that reflect the history of Tibet but also folk dances from different provinces of Tibet. The famous setup of Ache Lhamo is also performed during the show. During different transitions between the performances, the narrators will fill you in on the upcoming performance and its significance.

Although the music and dance represent the culture of Tibet, it is very easy for people to perceive and have a trip to the history of Tibet. All shows have narrators that translate and inform details about the show in either Tibetan or English. People from different backgrounds attend these shows to understand and connect with the Tibetan culture.

Where do these events take place?

These events take place throughout India and abroad. TIPA hosts such events from time to time at different locations and people can also book such performances to be hosted at a venue of their choice. If you are eager to go through Tibet’s culture through the visual performance, you can book from the website itself.

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