Ceremonial Songs and Dance

Teacher Training Course

In 1959, TIPA was coined by His Holiness 14th Dalai Lama with a vision to spread more knowledge about the Tibetan culture amongst the mass. He emphasized the need to preserve and convey the significance of the Tibetan culture and arts.

Tibetan Dance and Music Teacher Training

TIPA organizes several training sessions for teaching dance and music related to the Tibetan culture. Starting from folk dances to local music, prospective teachers are taught everything about the Tibetan culture. Workshops and live programs are arranged to allow the teachers experience the joy and majestic nature of Tibetan dance and music. Those who complete the entire training process usually get recruited by the institute as permanent faculty members.


In addition, a teacher’s training program and several other workshops are arranged. These workshops receive funding from both the Government of India and several other NGOs.

Teacher Training Services

At TIPA, one will find several training courses for different recruitment levels like Montessori teacher training, music and dance training courses, Arts teacher training courses, and many others. With these training and workshops, one can learn the depth of Tibetan culture and get recruited into the institution.