Folk Song and Dance

Music helps us travel through every phase of life and Science says that singing releases oxytocin that helps release stress and anxiety. But, that’s not all, singing is a fun and anywhere activity. There are different forms of songs and folk song is a unique one. Since Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts (TIPA) is working towards promoting and safeguarding Tibetan Culture, you can learn a lot about Tibetan folk music and Tibetan folk songs here. TIPA has different courses starting from basic level ranging up to advanced courses that teach you how to sing the Tibetan folk songs with the right melodies, pitch, and instruments. Within the lessons provided on Tibetan folk music at TIPA, you will learn folk songs from three different regions of Tibet. The folk songs from these regions include harvest songs, drinking songs, welcome songs, marriage songs, and ceremonial songs.

Folk Song and Dance (Tipa)

You can also learn to play folk music on instruments as well.

The three different types of lessons are:

NagmaToeshay: Although played throughout Tibet, Toeshay is classical music that is played mostly in the central region of Tibet. This music is very popular and if you want to learn true Tibetan folk music then Toeshay is a must.

Lhu: Lhu is sonorous mountain songs that are normally sung and enjoyed by nomads. These songs have become popular among tourists as well.

Folk songs (Ceremonial): Tibetan folk music ranges from ceremonial songs to harvest songs and more. There are different songs from different regions all soothing and melodious.